Senior Buddies

I am working on a drive to help teachers in an Elementary school district provide supplies for the students that the school is unable to provide.  All teachers are trying to supply their student with supplies out of their own pocket and Buddy and I want to help.  Our August 26 sale will have a box for supplies and/or a jar asking for donations.  Our sale on the 19 will have a list of what the teachers have asked for in order for them to give each child in need the supplies they need.  Please consider our request and give us supplies or donation.

Here is a list of what the teachers need:

Pencils (reg, colored, mechanical, etc.)
Paper Clips (especially large ones)
Large clips (black with spring to hold big stacks)
Drawing Pads/Paper any size
Laminator (small personal one) 8X11 size paper would be used  3
Lamination packets
Scissors (small, medium or large)
Paint brushes for painting pictures
Paint for drawing and painiting
Hot Glue sticks and/or guns any size
Batteries (AA,AAA,C,D and a few 9Volt)
Paper (colored, notebook paper, copy, card stock any color)
Special papers (pretty, or something to make a certificate with)
Mouse pads (me) up to 30 :)  ha ha
Hand Sanitizer (me) any size , any amount.
Computer Screens (large ones and smaller ones) VGA or HDMI  (me) 2 or 3
Old computer items for history (ribbons,punch cards, correction tape, etc.) (me)
Magnets (plain ones, no ads or stuff on them)
Bulletin Boards (all sizes) smaller ones actually are better for our windows  1 or 2
Poster Board (any color)
Presentation Boards (any color/cardboard)
Markers (any color) permanent
Markers (any color) dry erase
Staplers (office size and heavy duty) 1 or 2
Tape (clear all sizes)
Post it notes or Post it flags (any color)
Hole punchers (3 ring) 1 or 2
Glue (most types) Especially Glue Sticks
Ink Jet Printer Ink (HP61, HP922,HP933) (me)
Folders for presentations (paper or plastic)
Jump ropes
I can use computer cords and connectors, some of them,
Some may consider bookcases or desk (the size we got in Tubac or smaller)
Also, an easel that would hold big paper to write on or an easel that is a white board. (me)

Buddy and I have personally given a gift certificate for Walmart to help with this cause.