Senior Buddies

My observation on what we do

Clients and type of sales are different this year either that or my view is different than when we began.

When Buddy and I go out on bids we are actually selling ourselves and then our service.  There needs to be a initial trust and confidence factor that we try to provide our client.  Most of the time we step into a situation which is tramatic or overwhelming for those we deal with either a death or life changing situation.

Buddy and I have known each other for almost our entire life and grew up together so we portray a unity that lets people know we work as a unit.  Life has not been gentle on either of us so we have an understanding of each individual situation.  We like people and we like what we do and complete it with pride and honesty.

This has been a really unusual year but we are still in business and both of us are complete.  We have had cancellations for whatever reason and we are still complete.  We pride ourselves in being totally honest and enjoy what we are doing so if you are looking for honest hardworking people here we are, year around.

Today is September 22 and we are starting our third sale for this month and I have to tell you 72 is showing and 67 is close behind.  Tired but always excited when we start a new sale and I will always love sale day because I have become so attached to the dear sweet wonderful people who come to our sales.  Our closest friends have become those we see at our sales.  Keep coming and make our day!

We started our fourth year in business ready to slay the competition and show we are here to stay, year around.  We are focused on sales south of Tucson, including but not limited to Sahuarita, Green Valley, Amado, Tubac and Rio Rico.  Those local friends who come to our sales, you are the reason we stay in the business.  We sadly lost some of our dear friends but never regret them in our lives.  Those who come to our sales and want to drop us a line we would love to hear from you at (Buddy still thinks he married a cougar since I’m older).

Our website list our upcoming sales and pictures of many of the items available at each sale.   Our advertisement is currently in The Connection, Green Valley chamber of commerce, Pueblo Estates, Elks, American Legion and occasional display ad’s in the Green Valley Newspaper.  We are currently listed in Green Valley and Arivaca Telephone Directories.  We are also listed in the Google Yellow Pages internet service under Estate or azseniorbuddies.  I am trying something new this year and have been in contact with a radio station KGVY – 1080.  The station has a FOR SALE segment on Saturday from 7:00 to 7:30 and I will be announcing my upcoming sale and some of the items we will be selling at each sale.

Another change is that we will gradually eliminating the moving part of our advertising because it has been confusing to people.  We are constantly getting call from people asking about our moving business.  So eventually it will just be Estate sale and not Moving and Estate sales.

We have large and highly visible sale day signs directing people to each sale as well as classified advertising announcing the sale in the Sunday and Wednesday papers prior to the sale.

We have several letters of reference from previous clients who have been kind enough to provide us and available upon request.

We are extremely proud of the service we provide and hope we will have the opportunity to be of service to you.

Ginny and Buddy Valenzuela

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