Senior Buddies

May is just around the corner and business is busy to say the least with a sale almost every weekend.  People always ask us if we slow down when the snowbirds leave and I always say summer is our busy time.  There is no season for people dying and moving, we are here year round.

We had March off and Buddy and I enclosed our front porch and cut down weeds and trimmed roses and trees.  If keeping active keeps you young we may live a long life.  Buddy’s dad lived to be 5 weeks short of 100 and my dad made it to 90 and my mom to 95.  All the above were not pleasant in their older age but we swear if the other one gets like that the nice one gets to shoot the mean one.  I think I will live to be 100.

Work sometime gets hard and some sales are harder than others but we seem to get through it to my most favorite day which is sale day.  We get to see all our wonderful friends who buy and sometime just stop to say hi and that is great also.  I’ve decided when I can’t do this anymore I want to be what some call assistant, companion to the elderly I just want to be a buddy to whoever needs help.  BUT until then senior buddies will do our sales and help people when we can.


Ginny and Buddy Valenzuela