Senior Buddies

 casino-rural-slot-machines casino-rural-dining-room casino-rural

Christmas is around the corner but my next project is to get ready for the benefit for Aggie next week.  The casino where the benefit is being held will also provide some slot machines, black jack and other gambling games after all it is the casino.  Here is a few picture of the casino it’s self and if you would like to visit our local bar LaGitana it is located next door.                          

Local parade starts at 10:00, short but fun and Buddy and I will be participating riding our quad and you’ve got to see Buddy in a Santa Claus outfit and me in the elf costume.  There is also a local farmers market which opens from 9:00 to 10:00 or whenever and a benefit yard sale which I will help Aggie set up.  Food being served at 1:00 and donations would greatly be appreciated.               benefit-for-aggieIf you are interested in just our business end of this site please go to Services Available or call me at 398-9665 and I can answer any questions you might have.

Aggie herself is busy setting up a yard sale also included is various house hold furnishings,  house hold items, and various patio items.  Follow her signs and drop by and see what she has.

This page is meant just for entertainment for those friends we have come to know from all our previous sales.  I have filled it with things I am doing while we are winding down the year no more sales.  I’m ready to start celebrating the holidays and looking forward to a brand new year.

If you want to see information about our business Senior Buddies please click on  our Service available page or call me direction at 398-9665