Senior Buddies


I watched this little ant for a while and wanted to help him but didn’t know where he was going

Ok I was told today that only two sentences was unacceptable for someone called “Ginny Talk A Lot”.  SO…We had a sale today which was a lot of work to set up but what I thought would sell didn’t.  Like furniture that would warrant all the work we have put into the house.  So I have to figure out why people are not buying junky furniture, excuse me less than quality furniture.  What we need is a good hoarders house, people laugh but we enjoy them.  They are not like the ones on TV what we like is garage sale junky.  We know when you come to our sale who you are and encourage your spending.  The last one took 10 days to set up and a lot of work but really interesting stuff.


Name that face

Our next sale next Friday the 30th is not big and we have sold some of his interesting collection to private dealer but he also collects Diamond Back game pins and two bobble head figures.  I haven’t seen his collection of Harpers magazine from the civil war which he says he has collected.

I checked on the pages he has I thought they were magazine but they are actual pages from Harper’s.  Any civil war buff out their please let me know if you would like to see them.