Senior Buddies

We are back from a wonderful vacation in the White Mountain, cool while everyone else was in the 100’s.  Beautiful peaceful country in the middle of the indian reservation with lots of wild life and going back in time to natural country side. Hawley Lake has wonderful basic cabin with no TV, radio or microwave.  You really have to enjoy being with your partner because its just the two of you for a week and we fished, talked, read about the area and played gin rummy every night.  I have to concede he is the champ on fishing and gin rummy.  Buddy promised me never a dull moment and he has kept his promise.

We are back and ready to go to work and hope to see everyone of the wonderful friends we love to see at our sales.  See you all soon.Hawley Lake 1 072 Hawley Lake 1 080


Ginny and Buddy Valenzuela